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Empowering students towards a brighter future. 


Supporting educational opportunities for students and student teachers


Sigma CUTS was founded to give low income commnunitiy members the opportunity to become a part of one of the fastest growing industries. Students can apply for a scholarship and apprenticeship to one or more of our school programs:

  • School fo Beauty / Cosmetology

  • School of Massage Therapy

  • School of Medical Training

  • School of Microblading

  • School of Dentistry

  • School of Nursing Assistant

  • School of Medical Assistant

  • School of Assistant Care Giver

  • School of Architecture & Design

  • Automotive Repair

  • Welding

  • Construction

  • Brick Masonry


What if you could graduate debt free?

We are strong believers of free education that is valuable! At Sigma CUTS (College University TradeSchool) our mission is to help you start a new career in any field at a fraction of the cost of other schools. We help students graduate debt free from any of our programs!

With all the hands-on skills you need!

At our schools be ready to acquire the needed hands-on skills for your professional career today. Whether you’re entering the Cosmetology, Massage Therapy, CNA, Medical Assistant, Caregiver Certification school, be ready for an exciting and engaging course! Join Sigma Cuts today #sigmascholarship




Student Instructor Program

Ready for the next step in your career as a cosmetologist? Our educational programming offers a teaching program to become an educator within this amazing industry. Each Graduated educator is given a School Location to Own and Operate.

Continue your education and take the next exiting step forward!


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Today’s Students.
Tomorrow’s Professionals.

Our goal is to provide education and professional training to those looking for an opportunity to achieve more. We provide every student a #SigmaScholarship education to set individuals on a professional path without the impact of debt. We want every student to start their careers on the right foot with a better bottom line and without the pressure of student loans.

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Annual Report

Dedicated to changing the educational experience.

We have seen the impact of student debt and the increasing cost of the today’s educational system. We are changing this. Our programs focus on changing the ideals of how students can gain a professional education without the increasing costs of tuition. 

Our students are expected to make a commitment to their education, in exchange we provide both classroom and hands on accredited learning.


Monthly Beauty Membership

This is for the client, receive Unlimited  salon services with our monthly subscriptions!

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