Blu Mitchell


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Blu Mitchell is a self-professed serial entrepreneur whose main focus is on growth and giving back to the

He is a California native who came to Phoenix to attend ASU. Being the energetic, charismatic and articulate person that he is, Blu immersed himself in student government and pledged Phi Beta Sigma all while maintaining excellent grades while at ASU. Blu double majored in Psychology and Sociology this resourceful and disciplined young man started investing his grants, scholarship and student loan monies in various income generating ventures and is still a very successful businessman today.

One of Blu's most gratifying projects is the unique and highly rated Sigma College University Trade Schools because it allows him to pursue a subject near and dear to his heart - Scholarship BASED EDUCATION! He is so passionate about the concept of Scholarship based education he worked out a meticulous and sustainable plan that will revolutionize the way education is paid for. It will benefit teachers and individuals that would not otherwise be able to pay tuition. It ultimately benefits the community as well.