Sigma Cuts School of Dentistry


Are you ready to join the rapidly growing dental industry? If so, Sigma Cuts is the best place to get started!

Sigma Cuts School of Dentistry has scholarships that can cover all of your expenses! All you have to do is apply! We have the best dental professionals teaching you hands on lessons on how to become a valuable asset to this ever growing industry.



Dental Assistant Program


Start preparing for your future today!

Dental assistants are in huge demand all over the United States! This career offers great pay, hours, job security, all in a professional work environment.

Our staff and system ensures a fast certificate with hands-on experience that cannot be beat!

Guaranteed job placement up-on completion of program and required state certifications.

As a dental assistant you will be:

  • Instructing patients in proper dental hygiene

  • gather patient dental records and information

  • Sterilize instruments and tools

  • Prepare materials for dental procedures

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Benefits of our program

  • Scholarships to cover costs

  • Be RDA approved

  • Expedite the process

  • Hands-on training by local active professionals

  • Dedicated training for the RDA exam



Dental Hygienist Program


Dental hygienists are in huge demand all over the USA. Get ahead by completing our program. Full-ride scholarships are available to those who apply.

As a dental hygienist you will be:

  • helping clients with their oral care

  • Cleaning teeth

  • Examine patients for oral diseases

  • Take and develop x-rays

  • Provide preventative dental care