Medical Training Academy



About Our Program

Sigma CUTS was founded to give students the opportunity to succeed in their desired field without being held back by debt and financial road blocks. Begin your medical journey without debt. We have partnered with medical professionals to provide scholarship and educational opportunities for individuals like you who want to make a difference in their communities and communities around the world.

Our academy offers certification and education in the following fields:

•Assisted Living Care Giver Certificate

•Certified Nursing Assistant

•Medical Assistant


•Emergency Medical Technician



Learn more about your educators and professionals who make this program possible!



Why Choose SIGMA CUTS Medical Training Academy?


Hands On Training

You will receive hands on training from our top local experts in your chosen field. Our low student:teacher ration means more attention and dedication from the instructor.

Flexile Schedule

We understand that you might have other priorities such as a full time job and a family so we’ve made our schedule extremely flexible to fit yours.

Full-Ride Scholarships

We have so much funding available for scholarships you cannot miss out! All you would have to pay for is a minimum registration fee.